US & China - The Tech Decoupling War

The rising tensions between the US and China have accelerated globalization to such a level, where it cannot be reversed. Technology decoupling is halting the trades of high-tech goods because of concerns raised like data privacy and national security. This will have serious implications not only on the businesses and the economies of these two countries, but on a global scale.

The Imprisoned Prince

On the night of 3rd April 2021, the Jordan State Press announced the arrest of multiple former senior members of the Jordanian government. Shortly after this, a video of Prince Hamzah was released, in which he indicated that he was under house arrest. In this recording, the prince expresses his disappointment at being told by the chief of the General Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces that he was forbidden from communicating with people, that is meeting them or tweeting

India's Path to Defence Indigenisation

On 31st May, the Ministry Of Defence announced the ‘The Positive Indigenisation’ list, which included 108 defence items that could only be sourced from indigenous firms. This move takes the total number of items to be sourced from indigenous sources to 209. ‘The Positive Indigenisation’ list is part of a greater effort to help build and promote an Indian defence industry that is capable of supporting the needs of the defence forces

Sustainable Production and Consumption

In today’s world, the balance between production and consumption is not maintained. We face many challenges like a shortage of any good due to less production or overconsumption. The problems of production and consumption are interlinked to each other and so the solution can be achieved by maintaining the balance between them, Sustainable production and consumption are consuming

Contest for European Supremacy

The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, or as one refers to as the UEFA Euro 2020, or simply Euro 2020, is the 16th UEFA European Championship, the quadrennial international men's football championship of Europe organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), which is also known to host one of the most prestigious club football tournaments known as.